Camsing Global ranks 79th in the Guangdong Provincial Top 500 Enterprises 2017

On August 3, The Conference for Awarding Guangdong Top 500 Enterprises and Guangdong Outstanding Self-owned Brands and The Enterprise Development Summit 2017 was held at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center.

Huang Huahua, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the former governor of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, and Huang Haisong, vice president of China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association as well as other leaders from other provincial departments such as State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Provincial Department of Commerce attended the meeting. Camsung Global and more than 500 entrepreneurs from different industries and regions in the province were also invited to attend.

Starting from 2005, "Guangdong Provincial Top 500 Enterprises", the well-known brand awarding event in the province, has been held over 13 years. It had been operated by the Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Confederation and Guangdong Provincial Entrepreneurs Association (the first province-wide, comprehensive and economic association approved by Guangdong Provincial Government in 1980; the syndicate of enterprises and entrepreneurs in the province) in accordance with international practice. The candidate enterprises are chosen by self-recommendation or recommendation from local or industry associations. The assessment and ranking are based on some indicators including operating revenue, social influence and social contribution of an enterprise.

Enterprises including Guangzhou Camsung, China Ping An Insurance, Huawei Holdings and China Resources Group were inclusive in "Guangdong Provincial Top 500 Enterprises 2017". Guangzhou Camsung ranked 79th in this list and 10th in “Top 100 Enterprises of Circulation Industry in Guangdong 2017”.

In 2017, the gross business revenue for the top 500 enterprises in Guangdong was ¥9007.7 billion yuan, 13.16 percent up over the previous year, the net profit ¥658.7 billion yuan, an increase of 15.62 percent, and the total assets of ¥3.02542 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.16 percent. These indicate that the scales, quantities and profits of mega enterprises in Guangdong are steadily developing.

Although China was facing great economic downward pressure in the past year with the difficulties such as sharply decreasing private investment in fixed assets as well as the existing conflict between overcapacity and upgrading demand structure, development of large key enterprises in Guangdong retained strong under the pressure of economic downward and strongly supported the steady growth of Guangdong economy.

Camsung Global is a comprehensive enterprise working in the cultural industry. Having a number of branches around the world, it provides global business service throughout North America and Asia Pacific regions. Camsung values establishment, incubation and operation of IP as its core businesses, streamlines the chain of IP in terms of production, operation, sales and promotion, and builds up the new service platform in a pan-entertainment model, aiming at creating a new ecological development model for international cultural industry.

Regarding to integrating industrial chain, Camsung Global has incorporated into every part of the entertainment industry chain. It provides workable cooperative channels and large quantities of product content in music, animation, games, film and television, sports, performing arts, derivatives and theme parks.

Thanks to the own power, Camsung Global entered the list of "Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong 2017". In the future, Camsung Global will continue to explore the cultural industry in a more professional and confident manner, keep eyes on the quality and efficiency of development and devote to making a greater contribution to Guangdong's economic development. 

Camsung Global · Sino-British Snooker Star Challenge Contest 2017 ends with British team wining

On July 28 -29 (Beijing time), Camsung Global · Sino-British Snooker Star Challenge Contest 2017 was held at the Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural and Entertainment Center. British team triumphed with a 26-9 lead thanks to their excellent performance in the two consecutive days.

Camsung Global · Sino-British Snooker Star Challenge Contest 2017 is a group invitational tournament which was held in Shenzhen for the first time. The Contest was between the British team which was composed of Ronnie O'Sullivan, Mark Williams, Joseph Perry, Michael Holt and Graeme Dott and the Chinese team composed of Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, Zhou Yuelong, Yan Jitao and Zhao Xintong. Guangdong Sports Channel, Tencent Sports, CCTV, Baidu’s iQiyi and other platforms had broadcasting the live.

The Contest uses the best-of-35-frames rule. In the two match days, players fight for their own team in the singles, doubles, team leaders singles and team leaders doubles frames, and each player can only play three frames maximally.

After competing 35 frames in the two days, the British team took the 26-9 victory over the Chinese team and won the championship as an away team.

At the awarding ceremony, Mr. Zhang Jingrong, Program Director of No. 3 Sports Department of China’s Sports Bureau Small Balls Sports Management Center, Mr. Zhou Hongyi, President of Nanshan District Cultural and Sports Bureau, Mr. Xu Bo, Vice President of Camsung Global, and Mr. Xu Bo, General Manager of Supply Chain Department of Camsung Global, awarded trophies and checks to the two teams. With the applauses and cheers, Camsung Global · Sino-British Snooker Star Challenge Contest 2017 came to an end.

"The power of the Chinese team is very strong. Fortunately, this time they failed to play in their best state, which gave us opportunities to win,” said O'Sullivan, the leader of the British team. He added, “we studied rule and system, and determined appropriate tactics. It is pleased to win the Contest this time. Shenzhen fans were so enthusiastic, which greatly impressed us.”

Mr. Zhou Hongyi said, "In the Contest that combines athletic and entertaining values, the Chinese and British players have contributed to many wonderful moments. Shenzhen fans are so enthusiastic beyond our imagination. In the future Camsung will keep on collaborating with our partners worldwide, aiming at building the Contest to be one of the world's top IPs. "

Camsing Charitable Fund Spoke at International Forum on Women's Public Welfare at United Nations Headquarters

On June 19, the International Forum on Sustainable Development of Women's Public Welfare 2017, co-hosted by the China Women's Development Foundation, US-China Friendship Association and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, was held at the United Nations Headquarter in New York. Camsing Charitable Fund was invited to participate in the forum. Liu Hui, Vice President of Camsing Global, delivered a speech on gender equality and women's development as a guest speaker.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a congratulatory message to the forum, stating that the Forum was designed to celebrate the outstanding achievements of women in different fields around the world. As the power of social progress, they have played important role in promoting the development of the world. At the same time, Zhang Meifang, Deputy Consul General of Chinese Consulate in New York, also delivered an opening speech to provide strong support for women in the workplace.

The forum was divided into three sections - empowering women and sustainable development, innovative cooperation and sustainable development of public welfare as well as women’s contribution in the field of art and fashion.

Camsing Chartable Fund is a special fund under the China Women's Development Foundation, aiming at caring left-behind girls and helping women employment. Camsing Chartable Fund has been growing and stepped on the international arena since its establishment six months ago by the efforts of all the volunteers in the group.

In recent years, Chinese women have become more prominent in the field of public charity, Ms. Liu Hui as a good example of female entrepreneur and a female public welfare project representative, made her voice heard in the United Nations Forum,  in thewayof which was expected to share the experience and accomplishment achieved in the areas of female economy, art and fashion, gender equality and public welfare to the world.

CAMSING Global Collaborates with China Construction Bank to Issue "Transformers 5" Credit Card

Recently, Camsing Global collaborates with China Construction Bank again to issue "Transformers 5" credit card by the change of the upcoming screenings of the high-expected film.


Ten years ago when the film "Transformers" was presented at the screenings, it had stirred the whole world. During the last ten years, once a film of "Transformers" series released, it can cause a wave of cinema attendance. As a second-to-none brand licensed operators at home and abroad, Camsing Global had begun to cooperate with China Construction Bank to issue the Transformers series of credit cards as of 2009. By far the issuing number of these animation fans credit cards share the largest proportion in the industry.


Now "Transformers 5: the Last Knight" is finally back after an absence of several years. The premiere in China on June 23 is expected to set off a rush. On this occasion, Camsing Global and China Construction Bank once again issued a new edition of Transformers credit card with elements of the latest film.


In addition to the cooperation on "Transformers" credit cards, in 2014, Camsing Global facilitated China Construction Bank to present product placement in "Transformers 4" in which the bank’s credit card was shown in form of mixing the story and the brand together. This kind of placement can quickly be accepted by young and high-grade customers, and can reflect the innovation notion of the bank.


Nowadays, fan economy has become the motivation key to sustainability of brands.  To target young generation and crossover marketing strategically, Camsing Global confers specific rights to different circles and groups according to a variety of customers’needs, offers value-added services to customers via IP licensing, and thus enhances brand influence.


In the 20 years of rapid progress, Camsing Global has developed the introduction and incubation of IP as its core business, supplemented with the businesses of distribution channel and entertainment content production, and thus creates a streamline linkage of IP production, management, sales and promotion. Those three major businesses associate with others in a free yet interdependent way, contributing to building a pan-entertainment system from a global perspective. In the current IP database of Camsing, some world-known IP including World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Justice League and K have been added.

Camsing Partners with Migu to Present Premium VR Video Experiences-WONDER WOMAN Helmets

Camsing Global and China Mobile Communications Corporation’s subsidiary Migu Video have reached a strategic cooperation agreement on presenting the Migu/Camsing series of VR products, aiming at delivering the best-in-class software and hardware as well as video content to thousands of millions of China Mobile users through the Migu platform.

As one of leading IP service providers in China, Camsing have been given the IP right from "Justice League”, and partnered with Migu to design, develop and produce a series of well-performed VR glasses connectable to smartphone. The glasses products with high and medium-end coverage can be used on the Apple and Android operating systems, and it support the terminals of Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO and other Chinese smartphone brands.

Camsing VRM is the first smart hardware product co-designed by the two companies and licensed by "Justice League" of Warner Bros Film, providing an overall mobile VR solution. The product is characterized by user-friendly and straightforward – users can directly enter the virtual world simply by connecting their phones with glasses; the touch panel controller is accurately targeted and users can view the 360-degree mega screen at the close distance and have immersion into VR without connecting Bluetooth mouse.

"Camsing VRM" will be the first key project for Camsing to expand its business into the market of self-brand of wearable smart devices. VR/ AR / AI tend to be the future trend of global TMT industry. In the domain of VR hardware products, especially digital VR devices, however, there was still no a Chinese hardware product that can compete with Samsung Gear VR.“Camsing VRM" which was co-developed by Camsing and Shi Tian Technology can perfectly fill that gap. It perfectly combines services from the mobile carrier based on optimizing the experience of traditional product“Cardboard VR”glasses, and thus generates non-conceptive “VR2.0”products.

“VR2.0”must meet the following requirements:

1)     compatible with flagship Android / IOS smartphones of all brands

2) equipped with central sensor matrix which can greatly relieve vertigo feeling when using VR devices;

3) advanced materials and design concepts which can make glasses light in weight, comfortable and anti-fogging;

As VR application demands higher bandwidth than that of traditional video and mobile internet, if it can be benefited from discount of data packages offered by mobile carriers, significantly lower its entry threshold to become the "next generation personal entertainment platform" which will be widely accepted by the public. "Camsing VRM" with highlights of these features, not only has a technical upgrade, but also solve the content issue. The content from Migu Video added in "Camsing VRM" engages user adequate rights and content. The VR and 3D contents which incorporate Migu Vedio consist of more than 1000 films and television episodes as well as 100 games programs with a weekly update frequency. The product can also support various third-party content platform to ensure a vast selection. Moreover, "Camsing VRM" has a special VR interactive game zone which provides dozens of free downloads.

"Camsing VRM" not only surprises us in terms of hardware and data. On the other hand, the exclusive IP licensing from the world-famous animation science fiction film "Justice League" signifies the IP internationalization of the premier of "Camsing VRM".

For example, the fantasy action film "Wonder Woman" adapted by the DC comics and produced by the American Warner Bros premiered in China on June 2. The first batches of Wonder Woman helmets have passed quality inspection and are about to start sales. The well-known classic IP images of “Justice League” such as “Batman VS Superman” are the legendary icons in the mind of animation science fiction fans around the global. And "Justice League" is planned to release three IMAXVR movies, which is expected to become the IP benchmarking among the global VR commercial films. The act that Camsing Global has invested a large amount of money in purchasing the exclusive IP right of derivatives from "Justice League" is the critical process for the company to build the “omni-channel plus strong IP” strategy. It is reasonable for us to believe that "Camsing VRM" will be cohesively branded and will become one of the successful cases in the marketing and sales of 3C product after adding the "Justice League" IP.

Over the past one year, Camsing successfully helped Migu sell“Migu|kindle Fire pad”smart terminal. The omni-channel sales capacity accumulated over many years contributed to making a good profit. It took least than one year to achieve the sales goals of hundreds of thousands of devices, gaining the applauses from all partners. "Camsing VRM" will be recently launched in the open market for omin-channel sales as well as in China Mobile business halls and terminal sales channels by embracing China Mobile’s Migu services. Please stay tuned.


Deal Marks Camsing’s Foray into the Entertainment Space, Acquiring Famed IP for Production & Distribution Across Multiple Platforms

LOS ANGELES (May XX, 2017) — CAMSING International Holding (HK Listed Code: 2662), , one of China’s leading brand licensing, mechadising, and sports and entertainment marketing companies has acquired POW! Entertainment, the media and entertainment company founded by legendary comic creator Stan Lee. Under the deal, CAMSING International will acquire POW! Entertainment’s library of unique intellectual properties for film, television, games, virtual reality, animation, live events, tours, comics, and publishing. Given its strength of IP management and operation, CAMSING presents a unique opportunity for its North American partners to cultivate and advance their IP in Asia, providing local access and comprehensive expertise to entertainment and sports productions on a worldwide scale.

Vivian Lo, Chairman and CEO of CAMSING International announced the acquisition of POW! Entertainment. Camsing International is a Hong Kong Listed company falls under the Camsing Global Group umbrella, which has a strong presense in China domestic IP merchandising market. Under the new structure, Stan Lee will continue to take the Chief Creative Officer role. CAMSING US VP Shane Duffy will become the CEO of POW! Entertainment while Gill Champion will transition to President.

Stan Lee Said: "I am enthusiastic to continue with the next chapter of my career and to be involved with the continued development and production of so many of the new projects that we developed while at POW Entertainment. The Camsing merger will provide additional resources for development of these projects and access to new markets. Ultimately this will enhance and create additional opportunities for fans of the genre around the globe to enjoy the superheros that we have created over the last few years. Excelsior!" (Chief Creative Officer - POW)

Vivian Lo said: “I believe the merger will bring significant synergy by combing POW!’s existing intellectual property library and Camsing s strong IP merchandising network in China, therefore creating value for our shareholders. In the same time, this deal would enhance Camsing’s comic intellectual property creation capability by working with Mr. Stan Lee, a global proven name. The group will continue to produce better products and content for its global customers and develop another “Marvel” in Asia market. (Chairman - Casming)

CAMSING delivers world renowned brands to the global market, having established a pan-entertainment platform across animation, events, film, television, music, games, sports, licensed products and theme parks.

CAMSING has worked with global IP partners including: Disney, Hasbro, Blizzard, Warner Brothers, National Basketball Association(NBA) and properties includingTransformers, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Justice of League, etc..

“Adding Stan Lee’s Pow! Entertainment to the Camsing Family and having the distinct pleasure of working with the icon himself, marks an extraordinary opportunity for Camsing,” said Duffy. “It will be a true pleasure to bridge our full portfolio of marketing platforms, distribution channels and theme parks around Stan’s endless list of unreleased IP laden entertainment properties. We are excited that he has allowed us to participate in his next chapter and look forward to strengthening his already guru metal legacy.”

Lee is a heroic figure whose superheroes propelled Marvel to its preeminent position in the comic book industry. His co-creations include Spider-ManTM, The Incredible HulkTM, X-MenTM, The Fantastic FourTM, Iron Man, TM and hundreds of others which are responsible for over 40 billion in box office success. Lee currently remains Chairman Emeritus of Marvel, as well as a member of the Editorial Board of Marvel Comics.


ABOUT CAMSING International

CAMSING International is one of China’s leading brand licensing, merchandising, and sports and entertainment marketing companies. Its mission is to deliver world renowned brands to the global market through distribution networks and marketing platforms. Camsing Internatinon is a member of Camsing Global Group, a China business consortium founded by Ms Vivian Lo in Hong Kong in 1996, the Group later set up offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Singapore, and the Los Angeles . 


POW! Entertainment, Inc. creates, develops, and licenses intellectual properties for traditional entertainment media, including: feature length films in live action and animation, television programming, merchandising and related ancillary markets. 

Super Wings Adventures Makes Its Huge Debut on March 10

Super Wings Adventures, the latest official mobile game of the animated Super Wings, which has been followed by thousands of millions of fans, will makes its exciting debut on Vivo and Oppo smartphones on March 10, and could be downloaded on other mobile operating systems from March 17.

The ultra-mini game program contains a variety of games such as action adventure, flight shooting, and running cool. This single-player game incorporating with visually friendly graphics and official animated seiyuu provides players the most pleasant experience.

Super Wings Adventures was produced by the Digital Entertainment Department of Caming Global. This department is primarily responsible for the development and operation of the IP digital entertainment. It facilitates Caming Global to establish its network and attain its realization in the Internet and digital marketing by games programming, wireless value-added services as well as the incubation and operation of IP programs.

Super Wings is one of the most popular and latest 3D animations for children in China. It tells the story of the aircraft robot Jett and his friends the Super Wings travelling the world, delivering parcels for children and helping them overcome the difficulties.

Football Mania premieres on Guangdong Satellite

It has been 8 months since the Show held its press conference and announced the air schedule. The highly anticipated show will in no time meet our audience after a long journey of preparation and participants selection.

The Show has been approved by State Administration of Radio Film and Television(SARFT) and will be aired on April 28 at 21:10 on Guangdong Satellite Television Station.

A brief to the Show:

The Show is jointly produced by Camsing Global, its subsidiary Bingxun Sports and Guangdong TV. The show features a selection of grass- root footballers to form a top tier football team to later compete with Manchester City. The highlights of the show include: it is the first of its kind for a television reality show to focus on football theme, it attracts football celebrities from Mancity to join the shooting and producing of the show, it also invites the most popular stars from Chinese entertainment industry to appear as the guests.

The show will be broadcast at prime time on Guangdong TV and simultaneously aired on Tencent, Lesports and more than 30 online and offline platforms nationwide.

Camsing Global Awarded Headquarters Corporation Guangzhou 2016

Camsing Global was awarded as headquarters corporation Guangzhou 2016, approved and recognized by Guangzhou municipal government.

According to the official status, the total number of headquarters corporation in Guangzhou is 370.

The standards show that headquarters corporations need to qualify with certain conditions, for example only conglomerates with comprehensive business arena and no less than 3 overseas companies could apply for the title.

The applicants are also those with top revenue among their counterparts, namely rank top 20 nationwide, top 10 provincially and to 5 citywide.

Camsing Global, as a comprehensive cultural and entertainment corporation, has established branches across the globe, it focuses on IP development including entertainment. sports, movies, music, theme parks and branding.

According to the financial report 2016, Camsing Global has recorded a revenue of more than 30billion RMB and reached a double growth for 3 consecutive years.

Care for her, Camsing Global Set Up Caring Fund

Camsing Global has contributed to multiple charity and philanthropy causes during its 20 years development. It has been proactively making contributions to the society and the citizens.

On March 6, Camsing Caring Fund was set up with the joint collaboration from national and provincial Women’s Federation. The Fund aims at providing assistance to female youngsters with focus to their both physical and mental health. 

Camsing Global promises a fund infuse of no less than 10million RMB in 5 years and the provision of assistance to female kids and youngster, especially those in the rural areas left behind by their working parents in cities.

Camsing Signs Licensing Agreement with Star Wars: Rogue One


CAMSING Entertainment is a leading Chinese company, offering comprehensive services in brand licensing operations, promotional management, and sporting event operations. Established in Hong Kong in 1996, as the Asian headquarters, CAMSING GLOBAL has also set up subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Singapore, Australia and recently, the United States.  Relying on the three major advantages of branding, platform and entertainment, CAMSING GLOBAL is dedicated to the transformation and innovation of Chinese enterprises with over 20 years of experience.

Family Marathon in China: Run with 'Shaun the Sheep'

Partnered with Mercedes-Benz, Camsing Global aims at creating China's Top 1 family marathon event 'Run! Cartoon Run'. In this event, Chinese families are able to enjoy running with their kids and their kids' favorite cartoon characters, for example, Shaun the Sheep in 2016. 

As a start, 'Run! Cartoon Run' was hosted in Beijing, Xiamen, and Foshan in 2016, and over 5000 mid-class families participated. In 2017, Camsing plans to cooperate with more brands and host 40 events throughout China. 

《Football Mania》: Enhance Passion of China Football

On September26th, the larger-scale originalamateurfootball player training TV reality show《Football Mania》will start in Guangzhou. The Guangdong radio and TV station leader, Guangdong province sports bureau leader and senior executive of MCFC will attend and speak in press conference. It’s reported the program is created by Guangdong TV, CAMSINGGLOBAL and Bingxun sports. The program will start to film in January 2017 and broadcast in April at Guangdong TV.Tencent Sport, LeTV sports and other 30 platforms around the country will broadcast together at the same time.

Work with MCFC to enhance the passion of China football

As the most popular game in the world, Football is also the most popular sport in China. Especially China gives attention and high expectation to football development which makes it is the best timing for China football.

After well preparations, Guangdong TV and CAMSINGGLOBAL now work with FA Premier League leading team MCFC as well as his Chinaofficial business partnerZhong An Holdings Limited and top production team to create the first football training TV reality show《Football Mania》. It will show you the growth process of a football team; it starts with nothing then competes with MCFC after training of coach team. It will help China to think about how to develop a team from very beginning.

It is reported the production team of 《Football Mania》has started to select 36 players for program filming. They will integrate the emotion betweenthose players and professional football training in the program. The team will compete with China football team from different level and then obsolete some players and choose some top players from the team. Finally, they will against U18FA Premier League Champion.

Top resource to make china football “future star”

The amateurfootball player training TV reality show《Football Mania》chosen coach team from FA Premier League leading team MCFC and their top football stars to support the program. The image ambassador Sun Jihai will show up as Mystery Guest.

Except famous football stars, the program also invitednumerousfilm stars to attract people and enhance the entertainment.  About the selection of amateur players, the production team has started to select them from all around the country integrate with entertainment and profession. The program will train them in different places with different subject, so people not only can know about the international football stars from the filed but also see them from daily life and how the football fans chase their football dream.

About the filming flied, the first and final stage will be filmed in large stadium and will go to MCFC for their training. The last stage will confirm the match between China and England. The U18 FA Premier League Champion MCFC U18 Team will against the team from 《Football Mania》within 140 mins and broadcast in live. The program will arrange a lot of offline activities with fans to promote football culture at the same time.

Work together to show China original programme power

As the organizer of 《Football Mania》, Guangdong TV has broadcasted many other original programme. It also provide many cooperative way for different production teams and investors.

As the investor of 《Football Mania》, CAMSING GLOBAL established in 1996 and has a lot of channel resources. Recently, it was involved in sports industry. It organized the Italian super cup in Shanghai last year and invested exhibition match between Bayern Munichen FCand  GuangzhouEvergrande FC.

《Football Mania》 was filmed by “the most valuable TV Producer” Fang Jing and his F-team. They insist to create original program. They hope 《Football Mania》will bring surprise to people.

Moon Festival Carnival Takes the Stage in Lotus World

On September 15, there was a joyful carnival held in Lotus World Foshan Guangdong to celebrate the traditional Chinese moon festival. The show attracted more than 8,000 people with a gigantic stage in the shape of lotus and an overwhelming LED screen. The highly anticipated show filled the entertainment resort with fun and excitement.

There were all kinds of performances and shows presented to the audience. Of which, martial arts performance, rap and songs performed by local rock band and famous local actor Li Junyi were the highlights of the show.

Another eye-catcher during the show was a brush of Cantonese culture was added to the carnival, with traditional instruments, dance and even art painting performed and displayed in the show, Cantonese essence was took to the center stage where Cantonese is the local and dominant culture.

Attendees to the show were enjoyed themselves with multiple events and activities set up by the organizer in order to meet the different needs. For example, there were dance pool for music lovers, lanterns viewing area for photo takers and food court for gourmets. Locals who took part in the show revealed the exceptional performance has swept their worries with joy and happiness. Indeed a carnival like this scale was not seen very often.

Mooncakes were served during the carnival as well, but not like the conventional ones, this time an oversize mooncake with a diameter of 1.5 meters was shared by hundreds of thousands of people. What they also shared was the wishes and happiness they had on this special day. The moon festival spent in the Lotus World was unforgettable and full of memories. Thank you Lotus World for bringing us such an amazing show and providing us an one-of-a-kind location to celebrate the festival with our families and friends.

According to reports that there will be another music carnival taking place in Lotus World from October 1st to 3rd. 

Transformers Fans Got Hyped Up During Cybertron Con

The 3-day long Cybertron Con which takes place in Shanghai has come to an end. With big success, the next meet-up will be in 6 years, at which the dubber Peter Cullen for Optimus Prime in Transformers will reach the age of 78. Camsing Global, as one of the exhibitors, hailed by thefrantic Transformers fans during the conference.

 Lining up in front of the Camsing stall

Camsing Global comes with a number of Transformers products in the exhibition. Fans line up in front of the stall to have a glimpse of the exquisitely made products including Bumblebee Bluetooth Stereo, Transformer Scooters and Transformers figure collection. The fun-loaded games arranged by Camsing also attract people’s attention.

Calling up by the director of the Transformers movie 5

The climax of this year’s conference comes at when the director from themovie transformers 5 called up the fans at the live telephoning section. Director Michael Bay, with high spirit, talked to the audience from the live movie scenes and displayed a movie clip from the latest movie. The heavyweight guest Peter Cullen showed up in the conference has brought the atmosphere to another high.

Celebrating the birthday of Peter

The deep and rich voice from Peter perfectly incarnates the heroic character Optimus Prime, the decade-long performance and outstanding contribution for the serious movies has granted him the nomination of best voice acting in 2011’s Emmy Awards.

During the event, the organizer specially arranges a celebration to celebrate Peter’s 72th birthday. Together with fans in company and the same enthusiasm and affections for Transformers, Peter claims this birthday means a lot, and the celebration moved everyone in present as well.

The conference also surprised the fans by presenting a lot of Transformers precious collections, among which many are first to be shown worldwide. The round-up of the conference will not stop the fans’ love for Transformers, Camsing Global is also on the way to promote more Transformers products to meet the consumers’ growing needs.

Camsing Global Takes Pride in New Amazon Tablet Release

MIGU, a subsidiary to China Mobile claims the collaboration with Amazon’s well known Kindle tablet on June 29, the collaboration also marks the release of new version of the Amazon Fire table which is known as MIGU. Camsing Global wins exclusive distribution right and becomes the sole agent for this eye-catching gadget, the tablets can be purchased through multiple channels from today.      

Camsing Global has a long history of partnership with China Mobile (the leading telecommunication enterprise in China) and its local terminal suppliers. The partnership ranges from collaboration in video, music, book, cellphone map, game, cartoon business, e-commerce and more which has led Camsing become a diverse business player in the market.   

This time, after signing the agreement, MIGU and Amazon Kindle will promote a deeper cooperation in customization based on the existing Fire tablet hardware, as for Camsing, it will continue is role as a strong dealer in marketing and distributing since its unrivaled talents and resources in such discipline. 

The new-released Fire tablet succeed on Kindle’sspecialties with a beautiful look, an affordable price, gigantic book storage and remarkable functions, the new product also accommodates to Chinese user’s habit and needs, its suppler MIGU has implanted a wide range ofdigital content with high quality. For example, MIGU reading, MIGU class and MIGU video, to name just a few.

Customers can make early reservation from July 29 through Amazon China, Kindle Tmall. Also the MIGU version tablet which includes the promotional offer for digital content can be purchased from China Mobile store and MIGU both online and offline.

Camsing Announces New Products for Picasso

Pavlo Picasso, the greatest genius of the modern world of art, has a remarkable life. At the age of 14, he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts for his superb painting skills demonstrated in the painting "the barefoot girl". He has numerous masterpieces throughout his life, such as "the dream", " woman holding both arms ", "mother and son", "Guernica", "the boy with a pipe", the "Avignon girl "," war and peace "and so on.

All across the world, Pavlo Picasso has become synonymous with the pinnacle of art. Among the most expensive ten paintings in auctions around the world, six are Picasso's works. In particular, the boy with a pipe , the masterpiece of his blue period, is most expensive work of art history with the transaction price of US $1.04 billion.

In order to spread the artist's artistic souls more widely around the world and uphold Picasso's artistic value, under the support of the French government, the Picasso family established the brand name “Picasso", and used the name "Picasso” as a symbol of the brand. The copyright has been registered by the most authoritative registration authority in the United States and its intellectual property rights are subjected to the protection around the world. It allows the use of all the paintings of the great artist (including private collections) for the licensed products in all areas.

Camsing Global has launched the Picasso brand licensing product development. Soon, we will present you with a diversified art brand products of Picasso, bringing the world's top art into your life.

China National Instruments Import & Export Corporation Becomes Camsing's Strategic Partner

Camsing Global and China National Instruments Import & Export (Group) Corporation(INSTRIMPEX) reached a consensus to form a strategic partnership. Both sides agreed to carry out the long-term cooperation in mega health service, especially in the care services for the elderly. Through strategic cooperation, both sides further expand business opportunities in the health field in China, promote technology and talent exchange in the field of health management. While state-owned enterprises take the lead to build a platform, the social private capital joins the cause to further promote health service enterprise development. In the future, the two sides may cooperate in the health care technology and services, health care products market, as well as the field of medical products supply chain to achieve market expansion strategy, and to create greater business value.

The contents and scope of bilateral cooperation include:

 Firstly, INSTRIMPEX leads in building the research and development, sales and application platform the old-age wearable device, Camsing Global providing funding and market assistance, introducing Suning, Jingdong, Gome, Dixon Tone and other sales partners, to jointly promote the wearable health care equipment and health management system applicable to the elderly in family and community. In the whole country, the two sides work together to deepen cooperation in the big data system project for the community elderly service.

Secondly, in the near future INSTRIMPEX and Singapore’s traditional nutrition and health brand Nature 's Farm, a Camsing Global’s subsidiary, will carry out potential strategic cooperation at both business and capital levels. At the business level, Instrimpex can guide Nature 's Farm in its of market access into China, be Nature 's Farm’s import agents into China, guiding Nature 's Farm into the market of health supplements for the elderly and the sub-healthy people in China. In the field of capital market, INSTRIMPEX might buy stocks in Nature 's Farm, reaching a win-win cooperation with Camsing Global in the capital market.

We are familiar with the following common phenomenon in the medical profession. Currently, community hospitals’ ability to serve patients were generally not saturated, and on the other hand, larger hospitals in the city is overcrowded with patients, because patients trust larger hospitals much more than community hospitals. Patients usually line up at larger hospitals such as 3A hospitals. However, in these top 3A hospitals, more than half of the outpatient are chronic disease patients, many of which are patients in stable conditions, they only medicine to maintain their routine treatments. In short, a large percentage of outpatient service resources in these 3A  hospitals are wasted every year, and these 3A  hospitals can not deny access to these people trusting these 3A hospitals , which produced a contradiction between supply and demand.

"Internet plus medical" is born in order to reconcile this contradiction. There is no longer for outpatients with chronic disease to report to hospitals. They can use the Internet as a medium to solve their everyday problems, so that the hospital can more effectively use their resources. There is no need for the patients to go to the hospital frequently, bothered by various complicated outpatient procedures, thus achieving simplicity and economy in the medical services. Whether or not this simplicity and economy can materialize into details, is the key factor to decide the success or failure. "Internet plus" medical services’ objective is to be simple and convenient and to save money, which is also the goal of Camsing Global and INSTRIMPEX partnership. WE strive to bring the concept of health and instruments to thousands of households and to let health instruments previously too high to be reached serve everybody as their daily health guardians, just as accessible as mobile phones.

The Internet penetrates every corner of society and has brought convenience to the vast majority of the population. The mega health development direction must take full advantage of the Internet, and Camsing Global and INSTRIMPEX partnership will work together to solve the problems in medicine, medical services, pension, health supplements, logistics, big data, letting the chronic disease patients, many of which are the elderly, really enjoy the convenience of “Internet plus” medical facilities.

Health is a kind of responsibility.  These days the population aging problem is becoming more and more serious and more and more people have come to realize this. Health is not a problem for the few. It is a problem facing love ones, parents, children, brothers and sisters, and every one in the family.

Starting from now, if you love yourself, change your inherent bad habits. When you still have the able-bodied, you must care for your own health, exercise more and nurture your good habits! Prevention is better than medical procedures.  By giving full play to the advantages of being central state-owned enterprises, INSTRIMPEX and Camsing Global’s comprehensive cooperation is dedicated to pre hospital management and building nutrition network platforms, urging the whole country, even from a young age to pay special attention to their health and investment in health, change consciousness, change their bad habits and enjoy happy lives with their family members.