China National Instruments Import & Export Corporation Becomes Camsing's Strategic Partner

Camsing Global and China National Instruments Import & Export (Group) Corporation(INSTRIMPEX) reached a consensus to form a strategic partnership. Both sides agreed to carry out the long-term cooperation in mega health service, especially in the care services for the elderly. Through strategic cooperation, both sides further expand business opportunities in the health field in China, promote technology and talent exchange in the field of health management. While state-owned enterprises take the lead to build a platform, the social private capital joins the cause to further promote health service enterprise development. In the future, the two sides may cooperate in the health care technology and services, health care products market, as well as the field of medical products supply chain to achieve market expansion strategy, and to create greater business value.

The contents and scope of bilateral cooperation include:

 Firstly, INSTRIMPEX leads in building the research and development, sales and application platform the old-age wearable device, Camsing Global providing funding and market assistance, introducing Suning, Jingdong, Gome, Dixon Tone and other sales partners, to jointly promote the wearable health care equipment and health management system applicable to the elderly in family and community. In the whole country, the two sides work together to deepen cooperation in the big data system project for the community elderly service.

Secondly, in the near future INSTRIMPEX and Singapore’s traditional nutrition and health brand Nature 's Farm, a Camsing Global’s subsidiary, will carry out potential strategic cooperation at both business and capital levels. At the business level, Instrimpex can guide Nature 's Farm in its of market access into China, be Nature 's Farm’s import agents into China, guiding Nature 's Farm into the market of health supplements for the elderly and the sub-healthy people in China. In the field of capital market, INSTRIMPEX might buy stocks in Nature 's Farm, reaching a win-win cooperation with Camsing Global in the capital market.

We are familiar with the following common phenomenon in the medical profession. Currently, community hospitals’ ability to serve patients were generally not saturated, and on the other hand, larger hospitals in the city is overcrowded with patients, because patients trust larger hospitals much more than community hospitals. Patients usually line up at larger hospitals such as 3A hospitals. However, in these top 3A hospitals, more than half of the outpatient are chronic disease patients, many of which are patients in stable conditions, they only medicine to maintain their routine treatments. In short, a large percentage of outpatient service resources in these 3A  hospitals are wasted every year, and these 3A  hospitals can not deny access to these people trusting these 3A hospitals , which produced a contradiction between supply and demand.

"Internet plus medical" is born in order to reconcile this contradiction. There is no longer for outpatients with chronic disease to report to hospitals. They can use the Internet as a medium to solve their everyday problems, so that the hospital can more effectively use their resources. There is no need for the patients to go to the hospital frequently, bothered by various complicated outpatient procedures, thus achieving simplicity and economy in the medical services. Whether or not this simplicity and economy can materialize into details, is the key factor to decide the success or failure. "Internet plus" medical services’ objective is to be simple and convenient and to save money, which is also the goal of Camsing Global and INSTRIMPEX partnership. WE strive to bring the concept of health and instruments to thousands of households and to let health instruments previously too high to be reached serve everybody as their daily health guardians, just as accessible as mobile phones.

The Internet penetrates every corner of society and has brought convenience to the vast majority of the population. The mega health development direction must take full advantage of the Internet, and Camsing Global and INSTRIMPEX partnership will work together to solve the problems in medicine, medical services, pension, health supplements, logistics, big data, letting the chronic disease patients, many of which are the elderly, really enjoy the convenience of “Internet plus” medical facilities.

Health is a kind of responsibility.  These days the population aging problem is becoming more and more serious and more and more people have come to realize this. Health is not a problem for the few. It is a problem facing love ones, parents, children, brothers and sisters, and every one in the family.

Starting from now, if you love yourself, change your inherent bad habits. When you still have the able-bodied, you must care for your own health, exercise more and nurture your good habits! Prevention is better than medical procedures.  By giving full play to the advantages of being central state-owned enterprises, INSTRIMPEX and Camsing Global’s comprehensive cooperation is dedicated to pre hospital management and building nutrition network platforms, urging the whole country, even from a young age to pay special attention to their health and investment in health, change consciousness, change their bad habits and enjoy happy lives with their family members.