Camsing Announces New Products for Picasso

Pavlo Picasso, the greatest genius of the modern world of art, has a remarkable life. At the age of 14, he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts for his superb painting skills demonstrated in the painting "the barefoot girl". He has numerous masterpieces throughout his life, such as "the dream", " woman holding both arms ", "mother and son", "Guernica", "the boy with a pipe", the "Avignon girl "," war and peace "and so on.

All across the world, Pavlo Picasso has become synonymous with the pinnacle of art. Among the most expensive ten paintings in auctions around the world, six are Picasso's works. In particular, the boy with a pipe , the masterpiece of his blue period, is most expensive work of art history with the transaction price of US $1.04 billion.

In order to spread the artist's artistic souls more widely around the world and uphold Picasso's artistic value, under the support of the French government, the Picasso family established the brand name “Picasso", and used the name "Picasso” as a symbol of the brand. The copyright has been registered by the most authoritative registration authority in the United States and its intellectual property rights are subjected to the protection around the world. It allows the use of all the paintings of the great artist (including private collections) for the licensed products in all areas.

Camsing Global has launched the Picasso brand licensing product development. Soon, we will present you with a diversified art brand products of Picasso, bringing the world's top art into your life.