Camsing Global Won China Brand Building Golden Elephant Award and Best Design Award

The "2015 Chinese brand value management forum" and the Eleventh China best brand building case Golden Elephant Award, jointly organized by the 21st Century Business Herald and Interbrand, announced that, the Lining badminton" Sa "theme marketing case"  sponsored by Camsing Global, has won the 11th China best brand building case Golden Elephant award and the best planning prize. Camsing Global was invited to attend the 2015 China brand value management forum and the 11th China brand building case "Golden Elephant Award" ceremony.

After four-month of selection and evaluation, the case supported by Camsing Global’s subsidiary Cambrand, preeminented above other hundreds of counterparts, and successfully won the appraisals of the jury. Consequently, the case was given the award of 11th China’s Best Brand Building Case, and Camsing Global also became the recipient of the Best Design Award. The other cases among the competition areL’oreal, Midea, China Guangfa Bank(CGB), Huawei, Lenovo, Amazon and other leading corporations.