《Football Mania》: Enhance Passion of China Football

On September26th, the larger-scale originalamateurfootball player training TV reality show《Football Mania》will start in Guangzhou. The Guangdong radio and TV station leader, Guangdong province sports bureau leader and senior executive of MCFC will attend and speak in press conference. It’s reported the program is created by Guangdong TV, CAMSINGGLOBAL and Bingxun sports. The program will start to film in January 2017 and broadcast in April at Guangdong TV.Tencent Sport, LeTV sports and other 30 platforms around the country will broadcast together at the same time.

Work with MCFC to enhance the passion of China football

As the most popular game in the world, Football is also the most popular sport in China. Especially China gives attention and high expectation to football development which makes it is the best timing for China football.

After well preparations, Guangdong TV and CAMSINGGLOBAL now work with FA Premier League leading team MCFC as well as his Chinaofficial business partnerZhong An Holdings Limited and top production team to create the first football training TV reality show《Football Mania》. It will show you the growth process of a football team; it starts with nothing then competes with MCFC after training of coach team. It will help China to think about how to develop a team from very beginning.

It is reported the production team of 《Football Mania》has started to select 36 players for program filming. They will integrate the emotion betweenthose players and professional football training in the program. The team will compete with China football team from different level and then obsolete some players and choose some top players from the team. Finally, they will against U18FA Premier League Champion.

Top resource to make china football “future star”

The amateurfootball player training TV reality show《Football Mania》chosen coach team from FA Premier League leading team MCFC and their top football stars to support the program. The image ambassador Sun Jihai will show up as Mystery Guest.

Except famous football stars, the program also invitednumerousfilm stars to attract people and enhance the entertainment.  About the selection of amateur players, the production team has started to select them from all around the country integrate with entertainment and profession. The program will train them in different places with different subject, so people not only can know about the international football stars from the filed but also see them from daily life and how the football fans chase their football dream.

About the filming flied, the first and final stage will be filmed in large stadium and will go to MCFC for their training. The last stage will confirm the match between China and England. The U18 FA Premier League Champion MCFC U18 Team will against the team from 《Football Mania》within 140 mins and broadcast in live. The program will arrange a lot of offline activities with fans to promote football culture at the same time.

Work together to show China original programme power

As the organizer of 《Football Mania》, Guangdong TV has broadcasted many other original programme. It also provide many cooperative way for different production teams and investors.

As the investor of 《Football Mania》, CAMSING GLOBAL established in 1996 and has a lot of channel resources. Recently, it was involved in sports industry. It organized the Italian super cup in Shanghai last year and invested exhibition match between Bayern Munichen FCand  GuangzhouEvergrande FC.

《Football Mania》 was filmed by “the most valuable TV Producer” Fang Jing and his F-team. They insist to create original program. They hope 《Football Mania》will bring surprise to people.