Moon Festival Carnival Takes the Stage in Lotus World

On September 15, there was a joyful carnival held in Lotus World Foshan Guangdong to celebrate the traditional Chinese moon festival. The show attracted more than 8,000 people with a gigantic stage in the shape of lotus and an overwhelming LED screen. The highly anticipated show filled the entertainment resort with fun and excitement.

There were all kinds of performances and shows presented to the audience. Of which, martial arts performance, rap and songs performed by local rock band and famous local actor Li Junyi were the highlights of the show.

Another eye-catcher during the show was a brush of Cantonese culture was added to the carnival, with traditional instruments, dance and even art painting performed and displayed in the show, Cantonese essence was took to the center stage where Cantonese is the local and dominant culture.

Attendees to the show were enjoyed themselves with multiple events and activities set up by the organizer in order to meet the different needs. For example, there were dance pool for music lovers, lanterns viewing area for photo takers and food court for gourmets. Locals who took part in the show revealed the exceptional performance has swept their worries with joy and happiness. Indeed a carnival like this scale was not seen very often.

Mooncakes were served during the carnival as well, but not like the conventional ones, this time an oversize mooncake with a diameter of 1.5 meters was shared by hundreds of thousands of people. What they also shared was the wishes and happiness they had on this special day. The moon festival spent in the Lotus World was unforgettable and full of memories. Thank you Lotus World for bringing us such an amazing show and providing us an one-of-a-kind location to celebrate the festival with our families and friends.

According to reports that there will be another music carnival taking place in Lotus World from October 1st to 3rd.