Transformers Fans Got Hyped Up During Cybertron Con

The 3-day long Cybertron Con which takes place in Shanghai has come to an end. With big success, the next meet-up will be in 6 years, at which the dubber Peter Cullen for Optimus Prime in Transformers will reach the age of 78. Camsing Global, as one of the exhibitors, hailed by thefrantic Transformers fans during the conference.

 Lining up in front of the Camsing stall

Camsing Global comes with a number of Transformers products in the exhibition. Fans line up in front of the stall to have a glimpse of the exquisitely made products including Bumblebee Bluetooth Stereo, Transformer Scooters and Transformers figure collection. The fun-loaded games arranged by Camsing also attract people’s attention.

Calling up by the director of the Transformers movie 5

The climax of this year’s conference comes at when the director from themovie transformers 5 called up the fans at the live telephoning section. Director Michael Bay, with high spirit, talked to the audience from the live movie scenes and displayed a movie clip from the latest movie. The heavyweight guest Peter Cullen showed up in the conference has brought the atmosphere to another high.

Celebrating the birthday of Peter

The deep and rich voice from Peter perfectly incarnates the heroic character Optimus Prime, the decade-long performance and outstanding contribution for the serious movies has granted him the nomination of best voice acting in 2011’s Emmy Awards.

During the event, the organizer specially arranges a celebration to celebrate Peter’s 72th birthday. Together with fans in company and the same enthusiasm and affections for Transformers, Peter claims this birthday means a lot, and the celebration moved everyone in present as well.

The conference also surprised the fans by presenting a lot of Transformers precious collections, among which many are first to be shown worldwide. The round-up of the conference will not stop the fans’ love for Transformers, Camsing Global is also on the way to promote more Transformers products to meet the consumers’ growing needs.