Transformers Landed at Suning, Overseas Culture Derivatives Showing Force into China Market

Optimus Prime is here!

On the afternoon of September 25, 2015, the" Kick-off Ceremony of Transformers going intelligent and digital at Suning " was held in Nanjing Xinjiekou Suning Tesco cloud store.

The theme of the first activities “Autobots!Deformation! Starting!"  attracted many transformers fans and the local well-known media, fashion, digital media industry also fully arrived at the scene, and autobots such as  "Optimus Prime", "Hornets", "tin" were also there.

The event marks an exciting time, when the famous brands Camsing Global and Suning joined hands in the operation and management. Also the new season of  “three defenses” transformers mobile power supply, car audio, U disk and other digital intelligent products are released simultaneously in and 50 other Suning stores across China.

Transformers was originally only a three sets of robot animation, but it has seen unexpected success of the world's most successful animation image. Megatron and the Decepticons’ battle, marks the confrontation between justice and evil. For children born in the seventies and eighties of the 20th century, transformers is their first and the most profound childhood memories. " Autobots! Deformation! Starting!" was also t the most innocent slogan during playing when they were children.

In the early years of Transformers ,we could see the future and it let the children experience the different world.  Transformers also endowed them with the world's most original cognition. Transformers has not only witnessed a generation of growth and feelings, but it also belong to the era of collective memory.

Today, these digital goods inspired by globally popular autobots, the gorgeous Decepticons have come into our lives. Here comes the new season of the transformers creative digital products, that young people around the world nowadays love and use in such high frequency: Bluetooth speaker, mobile power supply, U disk and other electronic equipments. The Transformers’ soul and personality color was fused into such digital gadgets and this cool way of life interprets the new concept of high-end customer-made creative daily life.

Camsing Global, as a shadow driver of these brands, launched such products at Suning because Camsing Global highly appreciates Suning’s O2O mode, which ensures seamless integration of online and offline and high quality and convenience of online shopping experience.