Camsing Global Awarded Headquarters Corporation Guangzhou 2016

Camsing Global was awarded as headquarters corporation Guangzhou 2016, approved and recognized by Guangzhou municipal government.

According to the official status, the total number of headquarters corporation in Guangzhou is 370.

The standards show that headquarters corporations need to qualify with certain conditions, for example only conglomerates with comprehensive business arena and no less than 3 overseas companies could apply for the title.

The applicants are also those with top revenue among their counterparts, namely rank top 20 nationwide, top 10 provincially and to 5 citywide.

Camsing Global, as a comprehensive cultural and entertainment corporation, has established branches across the globe, it focuses on IP development including entertainment. sports, movies, music, theme parks and branding.

According to the financial report 2016, Camsing Global has recorded a revenue of more than 30billion RMB and reached a double growth for 3 consecutive years.