Camsing Charitable Fund Spoke at International Forum on Women's Public Welfare at United Nations Headquarters

On June 19, the International Forum on Sustainable Development of Women's Public Welfare 2017, co-hosted by the China Women's Development Foundation, US-China Friendship Association and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, was held at the United Nations Headquarter in New York. Camsing Charitable Fund was invited to participate in the forum. Liu Hui, Vice President of Camsing Global, delivered a speech on gender equality and women's development as a guest speaker.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a congratulatory message to the forum, stating that the Forum was designed to celebrate the outstanding achievements of women in different fields around the world. As the power of social progress, they have played important role in promoting the development of the world. At the same time, Zhang Meifang, Deputy Consul General of Chinese Consulate in New York, also delivered an opening speech to provide strong support for women in the workplace.

The forum was divided into three sections - empowering women and sustainable development, innovative cooperation and sustainable development of public welfare as well as women’s contribution in the field of art and fashion.

Camsing Chartable Fund is a special fund under the China Women's Development Foundation, aiming at caring left-behind girls and helping women employment. Camsing Chartable Fund has been growing and stepped on the international arena since its establishment six months ago by the efforts of all the volunteers in the group.

In recent years, Chinese women have become more prominent in the field of public charity, Ms. Liu Hui as a good example of female entrepreneur and a female public welfare project representative, made her voice heard in the United Nations Forum,  in thewayof which was expected to share the experience and accomplishment achieved in the areas of female economy, art and fashion, gender equality and public welfare to the world.