CAMSING Global Collaborates with China Construction Bank to Issue "Transformers 5" Credit Card

Recently, Camsing Global collaborates with China Construction Bank again to issue "Transformers 5" credit card by the change of the upcoming screenings of the high-expected film.


Ten years ago when the film "Transformers" was presented at the screenings, it had stirred the whole world. During the last ten years, once a film of "Transformers" series released, it can cause a wave of cinema attendance. As a second-to-none brand licensed operators at home and abroad, Camsing Global had begun to cooperate with China Construction Bank to issue the Transformers series of credit cards as of 2009. By far the issuing number of these animation fans credit cards share the largest proportion in the industry.


Now "Transformers 5: the Last Knight" is finally back after an absence of several years. The premiere in China on June 23 is expected to set off a rush. On this occasion, Camsing Global and China Construction Bank once again issued a new edition of Transformers credit card with elements of the latest film.


In addition to the cooperation on "Transformers" credit cards, in 2014, Camsing Global facilitated China Construction Bank to present product placement in "Transformers 4" in which the bank’s credit card was shown in form of mixing the story and the brand together. This kind of placement can quickly be accepted by young and high-grade customers, and can reflect the innovation notion of the bank.


Nowadays, fan economy has become the motivation key to sustainability of brands.  To target young generation and crossover marketing strategically, Camsing Global confers specific rights to different circles and groups according to a variety of customers’needs, offers value-added services to customers via IP licensing, and thus enhances brand influence.


In the 20 years of rapid progress, Camsing Global has developed the introduction and incubation of IP as its core business, supplemented with the businesses of distribution channel and entertainment content production, and thus creates a streamline linkage of IP production, management, sales and promotion. Those three major businesses associate with others in a free yet interdependent way, contributing to building a pan-entertainment system from a global perspective. In the current IP database of Camsing, some world-known IP including World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Justice League and K have been added.