Camsing Partners with Migu to Present Premium VR Video Experiences-WONDER WOMAN Helmets

Camsing Global and China Mobile Communications Corporation’s subsidiary Migu Video have reached a strategic cooperation agreement on presenting the Migu/Camsing series of VR products, aiming at delivering the best-in-class software and hardware as well as video content to thousands of millions of China Mobile users through the Migu platform.

As one of leading IP service providers in China, Camsing have been given the IP right from "Justice League”, and partnered with Migu to design, develop and produce a series of well-performed VR glasses connectable to smartphone. The glasses products with high and medium-end coverage can be used on the Apple and Android operating systems, and it support the terminals of Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO and other Chinese smartphone brands.

Camsing VRM is the first smart hardware product co-designed by the two companies and licensed by "Justice League" of Warner Bros Film, providing an overall mobile VR solution. The product is characterized by user-friendly and straightforward – users can directly enter the virtual world simply by connecting their phones with glasses; the touch panel controller is accurately targeted and users can view the 360-degree mega screen at the close distance and have immersion into VR without connecting Bluetooth mouse.

"Camsing VRM" will be the first key project for Camsing to expand its business into the market of self-brand of wearable smart devices. VR/ AR / AI tend to be the future trend of global TMT industry. In the domain of VR hardware products, especially digital VR devices, however, there was still no a Chinese hardware product that can compete with Samsung Gear VR.“Camsing VRM" which was co-developed by Camsing and Shi Tian Technology can perfectly fill that gap. It perfectly combines services from the mobile carrier based on optimizing the experience of traditional product“Cardboard VR”glasses, and thus generates non-conceptive “VR2.0”products.

“VR2.0”must meet the following requirements:

1)     compatible with flagship Android / IOS smartphones of all brands

2) equipped with central sensor matrix which can greatly relieve vertigo feeling when using VR devices;

3) advanced materials and design concepts which can make glasses light in weight, comfortable and anti-fogging;

As VR application demands higher bandwidth than that of traditional video and mobile internet, if it can be benefited from discount of data packages offered by mobile carriers, significantly lower its entry threshold to become the "next generation personal entertainment platform" which will be widely accepted by the public. "Camsing VRM" with highlights of these features, not only has a technical upgrade, but also solve the content issue. The content from Migu Video added in "Camsing VRM" engages user adequate rights and content. The VR and 3D contents which incorporate Migu Vedio consist of more than 1000 films and television episodes as well as 100 games programs with a weekly update frequency. The product can also support various third-party content platform to ensure a vast selection. Moreover, "Camsing VRM" has a special VR interactive game zone which provides dozens of free downloads.

"Camsing VRM" not only surprises us in terms of hardware and data. On the other hand, the exclusive IP licensing from the world-famous animation science fiction film "Justice League" signifies the IP internationalization of the premier of "Camsing VRM".

For example, the fantasy action film "Wonder Woman" adapted by the DC comics and produced by the American Warner Bros premiered in China on June 2. The first batches of Wonder Woman helmets have passed quality inspection and are about to start sales. The well-known classic IP images of “Justice League” such as “Batman VS Superman” are the legendary icons in the mind of animation science fiction fans around the global. And "Justice League" is planned to release three IMAXVR movies, which is expected to become the IP benchmarking among the global VR commercial films. The act that Camsing Global has invested a large amount of money in purchasing the exclusive IP right of derivatives from "Justice League" is the critical process for the company to build the “omni-channel plus strong IP” strategy. It is reasonable for us to believe that "Camsing VRM" will be cohesively branded and will become one of the successful cases in the marketing and sales of 3C product after adding the "Justice League" IP.

Over the past one year, Camsing successfully helped Migu sell“Migu|kindle Fire pad”smart terminal. The omni-channel sales capacity accumulated over many years contributed to making a good profit. It took least than one year to achieve the sales goals of hundreds of thousands of devices, gaining the applauses from all partners. "Camsing VRM" will be recently launched in the open market for omin-channel sales as well as in China Mobile business halls and terminal sales channels by embracing China Mobile’s Migu services. Please stay tuned.