Li-Ning Badminton-Manifesto of SA

In 2015, when Sudirman Cup was about to be held in Dongguan, Guangdong, Li-Ning Badminton released its brand campaign themed “SA” through its digital platform. Smashing in playing badmintons and shouting “SA” in cheering. What’s “SA”? Li-Ning Badminton interpreted the culture of “SA” as “confidence, passion and beauty”.

In the series of “SA” visual works, Zhan Long’s “ Be yourself” and head coach Li Yongbo’s “no successful strategy without powerful brain,” both embodied the harmonious fusion of “confidence and passion” of “SA”.

Li-Ning used digital platform to convey “SA” in the sport of badminton and connected with younger generation, pioneering  not only in sports but also fashion.

Before that, Li-Ning issued a series of visual works of CBA playoffs, based on the regional features of each team. Fans hailed the works and commented that Li-Ning was getting more sophisticated in this branding campaign.

In other words, Li-Ning Badminton has done a superb job in this campaign.

Meet James Harden in China!

In the middle of August 2014, NBA superstar James Harden visited China and attended meeting with his fans in Beijing. The meeting with fans, organized by Hehegu and CAM Brand,a subsidiary of Camsing Global, was impressive in innovative interaction and special venue selection. The meeting with fans has also initiated the important practice of innovative and interactive marketing. 

The fans’ meeting was held in Hehegu’s Branch in Beijing Normal university. The organizer hoped the Chinese-food loving James Harden could taste local Chinese food , got up close with his Chinese fans.  Through the mix of Chinese-Western cuisines, James Harden experienced the high quality of Hehegu food.

Harden tasted the three classic dishes of Kung Pao Chicken,Black Pepper Beef and Dongpo pork and commented that Kung Pao Chicken was the most delicious. The host Zhao Shenyi, general manager of Hehegu, gave Harden a handmade rankou (artificial whiskers worn by actors in Beijing opera) of Zhongkui as a gift and wishing Harden’s good momentum continues, which won the thundering applause by fans on the scene.

The fusion of Chinese and Western culture was undoubtedly the highlight of the fans’ meeting. By cleverly choosing Hehegu ,CAM Brand aimed to promote the closer interaction between the star and fans through food cultures exchange and use superstar’s influence to create fan base market for Hehegu. The seamless implant of Hehegu’s brand in the fans meeting and the word of mouth communication will effectively convey to target customers Hehegu’s notion of “dedicated to Chinese classic dishes with conscience and attention to quality”. Based on the fans’ passion and customers’ resonance, CAM Brand has built up the brand identity and thus sought to create sustainable business value.