Li-Ning Badminton-Manifesto of SA

In 2015, when Sudirman Cup was about to be held in Dongguan, Guangdong, Li-Ning Badminton released its brand campaign themed “SA” through its digital platform. Smashing in playing badmintons and shouting “SA” in cheering. What’s “SA”? Li-Ning Badminton interpreted the culture of “SA” as “confidence, passion and beauty”.

In the series of “SA” visual works, Zhan Long’s “ Be yourself” and head coach Li Yongbo’s “no successful strategy without powerful brain,” both embodied the harmonious fusion of “confidence and passion” of “SA”.

Li-Ning used digital platform to convey “SA” in the sport of badminton and connected with younger generation, pioneering  not only in sports but also fashion.

Before that, Li-Ning issued a series of visual works of CBA playoffs, based on the regional features of each team. Fans hailed the works and commented that Li-Ning was getting more sophisticated in this branding campaign.

In other words, Li-Ning Badminton has done a superb job in this campaign.